DCA · Design Consulting Associates
Consulting, Strategisches Design, Textildesign, Produktdesign für Textilien

DCA · Design Consulting Associates


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Trend forecasts, Design concepts, color concepts and concretely worked out Collection concepts. Developing profitable and user-relevant solutions.

Concept development Market analysis | Trend Scouting | Target group analysis | Evaluation | Concept creation according to requirements.

Design Draft | Theme worlds | Moodboard | Trend research | Pattern development for Fabrics, Carpets, Prints (Graphics), Wall covering | Product development for Automotive Textiles | Creation of trend book

Realization Prototyping | Procurement | Cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers | Mediation of contacts to service providers in the textile industry | Production support


Consulting, Strategisches Design, Textildesign, Produktdesign für Textilien
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