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Dirk van den Berg

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DIRK is a director, writer and producer with vast international experience and a long track record on many international productions. Specialized in difficult projects, remote territories and often called as a troubleshooter, Dirk’s preferred areas of work are the Middle East, Africa and the Maghreb.

As a writer and director, his credits include feature films and television, documentaries, commercials and corporate films, alongside multiple theatre, opera and radio productions. He is appointed to several international film and cultural festivals.

Graduated a director at the Italian National Academy with his mentor, writer-director Andrea Camilleri, early on Dirk expanded his horizon to producing international film projects. Music plays an important role in his work, be it as a structuring element or an inspiration for finding the core of a story. Sharing with the next generation is important to Dirk: through workshops, seminaries and didactic activities especially in the developing world and in countries rebuilding their cultural identities after a conflict.

In Berlin, Dirk founded his production company OutreMer Film. With offices in Berlin and Hamburg, OutreMer plans, finances, produces and executes films in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

With his DP Henrik Sauer, a partner in OutreMer Film, Dirk has directed The Floating World Of Kashmir in 2012, Jamming Addis in 2014 and the Guzo episodes, and is now preparing an investigative documentary about the 1979 Siege of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Regisseur, Autor, Produzent
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