Edgars Brunins
Camera operator, lighting grip, boom, operator- indie filmmaker


Über Edgars Brunins

In June 2015 I graduated Master degree studies in audio visual media arts in RISEBA university- Riga, Latvia.
At the moment I live in Neuenhagen bei Berlin, Germany. I have worked in several Latvian film projects as a lighting grip. After graduating film school (RISEBA) in Riga, Latvia I started to practice filming skills as a freelanced camera operator filming documentaries and commercial advertising videos. In my previous position in Latvian Television (LTV) I have worked as a cameraman, assistant and lighting grip. After finishing studies of filmmaking I am also working on post production on my Film Noir Alien Sci-Fi short movie, which I am planing to publish in the beginning of March 2016. In 2014 I participated in mayor local film production as lighting grip assistant. I am very passionate about filmmaking, indeed. In year 2015 I have also practiced by filming music concerts, my latest work in November was documentary filming.
I am attending intensive German language course. I’ve completed A2 level and in the middle of September 2016 I’m starting B1 level. If it is necessary I could represent my German language certificate for A2 leverl.


Camera operator, lighting grip, boom, operator- indie filmmaker
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