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I launch your website in a day.

Eleanor Mayrhofer

Über Eleanor Mayrhofer

I help time-strapped small business owners launch a stunning, professional Squarespace website in one day. It’s time to finally knock ‘new website’ off your to-do list.

I’d love to help you painlessly and easily get your website live and out into the world fast. Enjoy an immediate sense of relief when you hand your ‘website project mental load’ over to my efficient, structured and personable process.

I studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I earned my degree in Graphic Design in the 90s and began my career as a web designer in the epicenter of the web 1.0 wave.

I’ve got over 20 years experience working at global digital agencies as a designer, UX practitioner, project manager and creative director. I’ve worked on web projects for major companies including Siemens, BMW, Vodafone and General Motors.

At heart, though, I’m happiest as a creative solopreneur. I was raised by a letterpress printer and come from a family of artists and small business owners.


I launch your website in a day.
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