Elinore Young
Freelance UX/UI and graphic designer!


Über Elinore Young

Hi there! I am a UX/UI designer working across web, branding and graphic design. I specialise in Ecommerce & research driven design. I do wireframing, mock-ups, prototyping, analytics and user testing. I also do pixel perfect UI, graphic design and illustrations. My style is clean, simple, modern and cool. Most importantly, my designs are user-friendly and they convert!

My background is in digital marketing and branding, which means my designs are focussed on reaching business objectives, and enhancing the brand. Many of my projects are Ecommerce based.

I primarily use Sketch, Balsamiq and Invision. I often work with Bootstrap elements. I use analytics and usability tests to prove my solutions work to increase conversion rates and meet business objectives.


Freelance UX/UI and graphic designer!
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