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Elina Mathe

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Senior/Professional frontend developer specialising on SEO. Focusing on maximising search visibility of clients’s websites based on latest google guidelines and analysing the requirements through extensive research and audits. Furthermore experience on SEM, including driving visits through social channels using paid and/or organic strategies and Content Management. Deep understanding of online advertising industry and ability to follow trends.

Strong expertise on web CMSs and custom PHP solutions based on Joomla, Wordpress, Magento platforms. ‘’Hands On’’ technical knowledge with relevant technologies and certifications. Ability to customise design and code or make modifications for any kind of setup, according to customers requirements.

More than 6 years of experience on Production Environments / Platforms with release dates always in time knowledge over Agile Methodology and release stage Dev /UAT / Production. Basic skills on databases as Mysql, Oracle,Postgres and ability to operate most of the current operating systems (Centos/Windows/Osx). Networking and installations around the web, server requirements for clustering or normal environments.


SEO – Data Handler
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