Emmanuel Ansong
creative director, editor, cinematographer.

Emmanuel Ansong

Über Emmanuel Ansong

I have gained a wide variety of both transferable and specific skills in audio/visual production and therefore have the aptitude, spark, commitment and enthusiasm that this this industry.

My passion and critical interest for media (television, film, and new media) increased remarkably throughout my cinematography diploma and extensive work experience with other media companies including projects for zalando, Redbull, Plan B kreations,

My Bachelors degree has proven my ability to express critical opinions within a sustained argument, a high level of research and analytical reading was essential to reach this standard. I am very passionate about video production and it would be a great honor to contribute my motivation, high energetic spirit, and dedication to your esteemed team.

Currently working as a creative director for an advertising/film company, my duties run through brain storming, conceptualizing, productions and post production. I also work as a model and actor with my recent work with Tchibo ‘’Black & White’’ and these comes with a lot of challenges but with my resilient personality am able to defuse almost every challenges that arises.

And I have to note that I am very flexible with my official work and my freelance works and there has never been a conflict between my acting, modeling, freelance or my official work.


creative director, editor, cinematographer.
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