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Hello there. I am a native English copywriter, born and raised in Ireland and based in Munich. I have over 10 years’ experience writing copy for leading advertising and PR agencies as well as international companies. I write British and American English.

As well as writing English content, I also provide a website auditing service to identify areas where your website can be optimised for the English-speaking markets. I develop solutions to problems with HTML tags, keywords and other issues so that your products and services have more success with browsers.

For testimonials and other information, please visit my website. Und das Beste zum Schluss – Deutsch spreche ich auch:).


  • Email nurturing campaigns
  • Social media posts and advertisements
  • B2B blogs
  • Corporate explainer videos
  • Trade press releases
  • Website copy
  • B2C product descriptions
  • English keyword research
  • Website auditing for English SEO (optimisation)


  • Automobile
  • Technical products
  • Consumer products
  • Fashion
  • Optical
  • Charity/NGO


  • Advertising agencies
  • Consumer and B2B products companies
  • NGOs/Charities

Additional Skills

  • Fluent German speaker
  • Research
  • SEO and content marketing qualified
  • Keyword research certified
  • UX writing know-how


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