Platform for Energy Trading

  • Gründung 2016
  • Mitarbeiter 20—49

Über Enmacc

enmacc builds digital marketplaces to trade energy (e.g., power, gas) on wholesale level. enmacc digitizes the process of energy trading and procurement by replacing outdated technology. enmacc’s customers gain speed, efficiency, and security. Moreover, business opportunities.

More than 200 companies and over 800 traders contribute already to enmacc’s growing market network. It consists of multinational energy suppliers, trading houses, industrial companies, and retailers such as municipal utilities. We give professional market access to smaller players. We enable innovative business models for all participants. We boost liquidity in energy markets by serving new regions and products. We are proud of our product which stands in the center of enmacc. It’s the result of the collaboration of an outstanding international tech team and experienced energy trading professionals. We believe that building energy markets at a global scale is a fascinating opportunity.


Platform for Energy Trading
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D-80639 München
Ansprechpartner Lisset Villanueva
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Web www.enmacc.com

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