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Director for animated short movies

Eric Giessmann


Über Eric Giessmann

Hi, my name is Eric Giessmann, I am freelance VR Artist and director for animated short film from Germany, Cologne. I work closely together with VR Artist Piers Goffart at LAVAMACHINE. We create VR animated short films and give VR workshops for VR-Artist and newcomers to VR.

Our approach to VR differs from the common VR developers. We create VR and AR experiences but our focus is to create VR art and teach people to create VR art. We also do VR Live Paintings.

Our website at explains best what we do.

Most films are free solo works. (e.g. Typewriterhead: Staff Pick Vimeo 60k views)
In the commercial sector: trailers for TV series, online explanation videos and logo animations.

I am looking for freelance work, but also for part time work.


Autodesk Maya (Mental Ray/ Arnold)
Adobe Photoshop/ Premiere Pro/ After Effect
Blackmagic Fusion
TVP Animation
And many more…


Dream Symphony: Playgrounds Best Student Award 2009 – „For an outstanding visual archievement.“
1. Place @ D’Art 2013
1. Place @ D’Art „Tempus Stasis” 2015
WILDCARD ANIMATION 2014 Nederlands Film Fonds
Vimeo Staffpicks


Director for animated short movies
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