Ernesto Burzeya
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Über Ernesto Burzeya

I am a designer, who is curr ently working and living in Hambur g | Germany. My
strengths lie in the ar eas of art dir ection, CI, br ainstorming and cross-media
thinking. In addition t o completing my apprenticeship as media designer with
„Heuer und Sachse“ and s tudying at the „Design Factory International“, I hav e
been working as a fr eelance designer f or private and business customers since
2006. I hav e also had the chanc e to gain some pr ofessional experience on an int er
national basis w orking on se veral projects in South Americ a. As a r esult, I was
given the opportunity t o combine my enthusiasm f or new and different worlds with
my work and ideas.


Freelancer Design
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