Evelyn Rodriguez-Armas
Forschung. Marketing. Kommunikation


Über Evelyn Rodriguez-Armas

Multilingual professional with 10+ years of experience in Communications, Marketing, Research and Consumer Behaviour. Strong project management skills with extensive knowledge in statistical processes. Worked strategically and hands-on, in the public sector, NGOs and in private companies, internationally. Proven track record managing and leading teams, networking and building solid internal and external relations. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability for transforming complex contexts into compelling and engaging messages. Master studies combined with real-world experience in intercultural environments.

Sustainability enthusiast, results-oriented professional, team player, creative, flexible, self-starter, with an eye for details. Concerned about the environment and sustainable innovations, with socially driven set of mind that build trustful relationships. Advocate for cleaner environments that could provide safer and fairer living conditions for all.


Forschung. Marketing. Kommunikation
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