Evey Kwong
Art Director / Graphic Designer / Photographer

Evey Kwong

Über Evey Kwong

Evey Kwong is a Berlin based multidisciplinary designer offering Art Direction, Graphic Design and Photography services. Her diverse and artistic practice explores engaging ideas. She strives for continuous and progressive client relationships, through concept development and open collaboration.

Experienced working with clients from Audi, Konzerthaus Berlin, Siemens to Porsche for Corporate Design on Print, Digital and Wayfinding System.

In addition, Evey runs a new Art Direction for Photography service Stills+Concepts. She has 4 years of experience in interior + photography and possesses a visual sensitivity for interior and space.


Art Director / Graphic Designer / Photographer
Anschrift Evey Kwong
D-13353 Berlin
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Web www.eveykwong.com
03.09.2015 (aktualisiert )

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