Kai Hattermann
Senior Creative Video Producer / Senior Videographer / Cutter

Kai Hattermann

Über Kai Hattermann

Senior Creative Video Producer / Senior Videographer / Cutter

I am a creative video content expert providing entire video production 
from idea, concept, creation, and postproduction up to final delivery. 
I produce commercials, social media-, branded content-, product-, industry- and animation videos for agencies, companies, artists, or brands.

With 16+ years of experience working in projects for international clients in nearly all possible set-ups in different positions: from small- to midsize video- or animation projects as a „One-Man-Show“ (concept and story, production, direction/ camera and postproduction) to big productions as team lead together with agencies or my network of professional film-experts (DoPs, production, set design, styling, casting and colorists).

After an apprenticeship as a media designer, I started to study design at the Köln International School of Design where I learned first animation and motion design and then went to filmmaking (production, direction, camera and postproduction).
I continued to study at ESDI (Escola Superior de desenho Industrial) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the same time, I started to work as a motion designer and videographer for different agencies in Brazil and Germany.

Since 2014 I live in Cologne again.


Senior Creative Video Producer / Senior Videographer / Cutter
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