Tobias Folprecht
Creative Director



Über Tobias Folprecht

Creative Director I entertaining and create interactive content for AR/VR. I am passionate, smart, dedicated and share the common goal of creating compelling costumer experiences.

  • lead art production process from the initial concept to the final implementation
  • Producing assets from scratch or based on assets provided
  • 3D prototyping of game assets / VR/AR/Visualization/ 3D- Visualization
  • briefings for outsourcing partners
  • Evaluating assets and providing feedback to our outsourcers
  • Supporting the implementation of assets
  • databases/visualization/simulation

company reference:
Porsche, Daimler, BMW, Sierra, Siemens,Rockpocketgames, RadonLabs, UbiSoft, thameslinkrailway, DB, Apple, thesetales Ltd, Goodbeans, Disney Universe, Xbox, Microsoft., Valve, Oculus, Facebook,Tesla,Games Com, PS4, Dtp, Morgen Studios, Games Academy, Konzeptzwei, Flashromances, DataRespons, Appear2Media, Havok, SpeedTree


Creative Director
Anschrift Tobias Folprecht
D-01640 Dresden
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20.01.2015 (aktualisiert )

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