Founders Talk India online B2B marketplace for exporters & importers.


Über Founders Talk India online B2B marketplace for exporters & importers. We are India’s one of the biggest online marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. Our online channel concentrates on supplying a platform for SMEs, large enterprises as well as individuals.

Every B2B organization has its own way of doing business. Founders talk India support the Unique digital transformation needs of Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Procurement entities, even in complex business environments.

In a traditional B2B marketplace, one seller participates in eCommerce with a number of buyers. A B2B marketplace brings multiple buyers and vendors around a single site. The marketplace operator may market their own products and services as well as functioning as the marketplace operator, only operating the marketplace.

Give your customers the option and experience they’re utilized to as consumers while meeting their business purchasing needs. That can be a business-to-business marketplace for the modern buyer.

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