Foundry Berlin
Young Berliner Start-Up Design & Werbeagentur (Kreuzberg)


Über Foundry Berlin

FOUNDRY is built upon an entrepreneurial spirit to create captivating, meaningful and innovative marketing and branding concepts. We believe that brands can make a difference in people’s lives by crafting engaging platforms and content that inspire a dialog. Why FOUNDRY? Because at heart we are a group of hands-on makers and doers who enjoy building and shaping brands that stand the test of time.
Based in Berlin and Zürich we’re a team of international designers, digitalists, advertisers, trend researchers and strategists that share a common hunger to help companies shape their vision through branded content and storytelling – always with the ultimate goals to inspire curiosity, generate growth, and build brands that people care about and want to engage with.


Young Berliner Start-Up Design & Werbeagentur (Kreuzberg)
Anschrift Foundry Berlin

D-10961 Berlin
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