Fred Breslau
Graphic, Digital and motion Design. Lecturer at Art Direction Academic Course.

Fred Breslau

Über Fred Breslau

Since 2004 I design, manage clients, and sell ideas.

Through my career, I had a wide range of experience, creating and managing a 15-people agency for 11 years I’ve written and researched about design and technology while teaching art direction at universities and always finding time to have fun and learn something new.

Working with people is awesome. As a team leader, I see myself much more as an instigator and cheerer, someone that take risks and whips up unusual ideas.
For me is great to have a room full of wackies (clients included!) that believe that anything is possible, and are accustomed to say:“I don’t know how to do it, but we can figure it out.”

In 2014, I moved from Brazil to Europe and since then I worked closely with some very exciting brands like BMW, MINI, and HERE Technologies. This experience allowed me to be on the client side of global brands, creating, cooperating, supporting and leading the creation of design, strategies to make brands stronger and more meaningful to consumers.

As an example I lead the design innovation team for BMW to create concepts for an In-vehicle assistant, creating concepts for audio and visual interfaces. For HERE Tech (the biggest map location database in the world), I currently lead the shift of their brand identity from a tech-looking industry to a human-centered and user-first company. All these projects are developed on an eye level with clients and partners, speeding up the decision making and producing real change.

To me having the chance to work as a designer is the perfect combination of how to produce exciting things, create a positive impact and meet amazing people in a great team spirit.


Graphic, Digital and motion Design. Lecturer at Art Direction Academic Course.
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