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Professional animation and motion graphics design.

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Über Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH

Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH, your partner for high quality motion graphic design!

For years I have been working successfully as a freelancer for 2D art, animation and motion. Since the end of 2016, I’m one of the business executive from Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH. Regardless, whether it be ambitious explanatory films, crazy music videos, creative film intros, humorous end credits, elaborate game trailers or even in-game cut scenes for a whole game, we consistently deliver our clients creative solutions at the highest technical level to meet any need. We ware happy to take over conception and style development too. With our well maintained network of professional freelancers and agencies, we can realise every client’s vision, however big, and to schedule.

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Professional animation and motion graphics design.
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Netzwerk von Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH

Joerg Warda Joerg Warda
Illustration | 3D Visualisierung | CGI | Fotografie
Berlin 15.12.2016
Robert Jung Robert Jung
Komponist & Sound Designer
Rotterdam (Niederlande) 15.12.2016

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