Giovanni Prezioso
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Visual Storytelling,

Giovanni Prezioso

Über Giovanni Prezioso

Hello, my name is Giovanni, I am a 28-year-old Visual Designer from Italy based in Berlin. I have started working in several communication agencies.

I am oriented in Branding, Web and Editorial Design, and I have a good knowledge in the Movie Making field, gaining 7 years professional experience in Visual Storytelling.

My personal tools:

Design research, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut, friendly mind, fun and passionate humor. The deadline is God.

Technical skills:

I keep myself constantly update on new design technologies and new trends, for each project i made a theoretical design philosophy and after I visualize a design concept.

Planning a visual storytelling is not an easy task. I quickly accomplish the brief thanks to experience gained in team composed of different professionals pictures. If necessary I can suggest new solutions to make the communication more efficient trying strategically to forecast any comments or reactions from the customer. In every single chose, I make a balance between the needs of the customers and creative goals of the team I work with.

I have consolidated a lot of experience transforming complex concepts in simple and effective visual strategies.

I think with customer’s mind, and I see through user’s eyes. I plan the job with love on my hand.

Our task is to tell stories filtered by our own story, by making choices carefully, and using different types, symbols and images. This is my belief and work philosophy.

I am a very motivated and passionate person, I am always excited at the idea of learning new things every day through new experiences, in order to get deeper motivations and awareness of new dynamics and trends that are now developing on design world.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Visual Storytelling,
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