Gizem Güvendağ
Motion Designer / Illustrator

Gizem Güvendağ

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I like painting and creating stories since I was a child. I chose to study Animation to fulfill my passion for creating stories. I graduated from the Animation Department at Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2012. Afterward, I worked in both commercials and series as a 3d and 2d character animator.

In 2017 I started to work in Denkwerk as a Motion Designer / Illustrator. Since then, I also started to improve my skills in the frame by frame and VR Quill animation. In 2019 I finished my masters in the Animation Department at Anadolu University. My graduation thesis is named “Analysis of the animation films Brother Bear” and “Pom Poko” through the eco-critical process-relational film method, “Uninvited Human” application movie.

Besides that, I do concept art, illustrations, murals, children’s books, and short comics. Working in different mediums makes me more passionate and playful about my work.


Motion Designer / Illustrator
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