Experiential Marketing and Branded Content Creation


Über goalgirls

goalgirls is a young company for digital content creation, experiential marketing and branded events. Driven by the girlpower of two sisters – Kaddie and Helena – supported by their squad of creatives and collaborators. Their work specialises in creating unique branded content through experiences. Their expertise stretches from concept to execution of branded events, customised branded products and campaigns in edgy and non-traditional settings. Kaddie and Helena empower brands to seed their products in new, relevant markets and contemporary culture. goalgirls’ adventures make waves on multiple social media channels and aim to trigger digital influence with the emotions and senses that make memories. By their own definition, goalgirls do millennial public relations.


Experiential Marketing and Branded Content Creation
Anschrift goalgirls

D-10119 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Kaddie Rothe
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Web www.goalgirls.de

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