Golriz Behgoo
Visual Designer / Product Designer (UI/UX) / Art Director

Golriz Behgoo


Über Golriz Behgoo

Hi! I am Golriz, a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary product designer with 5+ years of experience in design. My work spans multiple categories ranging from the fine arts to brand and corporate identity, marketing communications, and user interface design.

I have experience working in small design studios as well as startups and larger companies, where I collaborated with teams across departments including marketing, product, and development. As a practitioner of both the fine arts and design in the business context, I combine a sense of aesthetic details with a focus on business and user needs.

My goal is to leverage my expertise in visual conception, typography, and branding to deliver digital products that delight users while maintaining and developing my own sense of aesthetic, especially in the digital space.

I’m flexible and willing to join an exciting start-up or an agency, where I can work and collaborate with a diverse and creative team.

I’m currently available for both freelance and contract work in Berlin area or remotely.


Visual Designer / Product Designer (UI/UX) / Art Director
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