Oz Öcalan
Design Director / Generative AI Specialist

Oz Öcalan

Über Oz Öcalan

Oğuzhan (Oz) Öçalan has been living in Germany since 2007. He speaks ️ fast when he has to use“der, die, das” in a sentence so that no one notices his mistake. He occasionally educates himself ✍ about branding ®️, typography, brand design history, design direction, analogue photography and artificial intelligence. He loves pizza and has wanted to build his own stone oven for centuries. He also loves this manicule ☞ and he doesn’t normally talk about himself as if he were someone else.


Design Director / Generative AI Specialist
Anschrift Oz Öcalan
D-20253 Hamburg
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Web oocalan.com
02.04.2011 (aktualisiert )

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