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Hannes Bieber – Komponist

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I always loved music and I always loved film. It took me quite some time to figure out, that I can combine those two worlds. During my B.A. studies at ArtEZ University of Arts (NL) I have gained a lot of musical experience in many different directions. Due to the very progressive and open way of Dutch teaching, I was able to explore classical music, jazz, film music, electronic music and more. I constantly find myself using parts of these experiences in my daily work. Most importantly, this time helped me to shape my professional craft. It always makes me chasing the new, the unknown. I used these skills in the first feature film project Holding Positions. A jazzy 70min Indi film by Laura Mahlberg (Third Picture).

After my studies in the Netherlands, I went back to Germany to study film scoring at the highly acclaimed Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. I was now able to put my skills to the test in a professional film environment. At this school I learnt everything I had to know for the film industry. But most importantly, I connected with passionate film students and became friends with many of them. I worked closely together with directors, producers, editors, sounddesigners, composers and even script writers. I managed to get a glimpse in every role of the film production process. I learnt to be quick, to adapt and to work together with the director.

During my studies I already was able to get jobs as a professional. I was the composer for Marc Wiese’s 90min documentary We will hold the Line, which was screened in German television (ARD, Arte, SWR) and was nominated for the Grimme Award. Later I worked together with Leonard Küßner on the internationally recognized 90min doumentary Dear Future Children, which won Best Score at the NaturVision film festival.

Over the years, I was very lucky to have my music played by professional musicians and ensembles like the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Matangi String Quartet and many more.


Komponist für Bewegtbild
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