Henry Villa
Front-EndDeveloper/UI Designer


Über Henry Villa

I studied architecture which I left to follow my artistic passion. Worked as an artist and illustrator for several years.
Embracing knowledge and being open to learning new things, 9 years ago I started to work as a UI Designer which later led me to be a Front-end Developer. I have gained skills that have given me good positions throughout my career and the ability to work on multiple projects with great amazing people and teams.
Skills being in Design, HTML5, CSS3, VanillaJS, JS frameworks, CSS frameworks, JS libraries, tools, and skills in performance and accessibility.
I will continue to collaborate with teams to build amazing things and contribute to open-source technology while having fun.


Front-EndDeveloper/UI Designer
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D-10405 Berlin
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Web www.iammrvilla.com
22.07.2014 (aktualisiert )

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