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We build hardware and software products, which allow breaking the boundaries of conventional audio and speaker technologies. Based on wave field synthesis, Holoplot technology enables a radical new approach on how to deliver authentic audio quality to the listener.

Our products allow real-time, adjustable sound projections, with very high precision, quality and consistency — providing the best results, even in the most challenging environments. Our technology brings highest speech intelligibility, constant volume over distance, multiple simultaneous contents and immersive sound experiences.

We make products with love for the audio industry, commitment to high quality and passion to disrupt the status quo.

We won the Interactive Innovation Award SXSW in Texas and have been nominated as 1 of 50 most innovative companies in the world by the MIT Technology Review.


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D-12099 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Roman Sick
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Web www.holoplot.com
09.08.2017 (aktualisiert )

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