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Über Holoplot GmbH

HOLOPLOT has developed a professional audio system that revolutionizes the way we perceive sound. The system allows us to direct audio waves, like light, in any direction, while maintaining a high quality and very constant volume over long distances. With this innovative system, we create immersive 3D sound experiences and can precisely determine where sound will be heard and where not. This opens up a wide range of promising applications ranging from concert halls and immersive art, to conferences and public speaking.


Anschrift Holoplot GmbH

D-12099 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Roman Sick
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Web www.holoplot.com

Stelleneinträge von Holoplot GmbH

Business Development Intern Stellenangebote: Praktikum Berlin
Marketing Intern Stellenangebote: Praktikum Berlin
Marketing Manager Stellenangebote: Fest Berlin

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