Tobias Löffler
Senior 3D/VFX Artist

Tobias Löffler


Über Tobias Löffler

I am Tobias Löfer, a 36 years old Senior 3D Artist with at least 20 years of experience in media culture, 2D/3D art, and design. For the last five years, my responsibility as Lead Artist was the creation of major art for the upcoming franchise reboot: Descent from Descendent Studios / Interplay, Austin TX. Now, I am looking forward to a new life-changing challenge and offer my passion and skills for the creation of stunning visuals.

  • Key skills --

Concept Art 2D (Pen & Paper and digital w. Wacom tablet, 3D)
Storyboarding (Stills and animated in 2D / 3D)
3D modeling & sculpting
UV unwrapping / Texturing / Material creation
Ofine / Real-time Rendering
Video cutting & compositing (rotoscope, keying, FX)
Post Production & Final material output
Photography & Photogrammetry
Art Direction & Project Management
Team player & Patient Guy

  • 3D Application application skills --

Autodesk 3D Studio Max (R4 – 2019) / V-Ray
Cinema 4D (all versions)
Blender (2.5+)
Autodesk Maya (basic skills)
SideFX Houdini (basic skills)
VRay rendering skills (photorealistic)

  • Sculpting/Texturing application skills --

Pixologic ZBrush
3D Coat
Substance Painter
Substance Designer

  • 2D/3D/Video FX application skills --

Adobe Photoshop (all versions)
Adobe After Effects (all versions)
Red Giant Univers
Avid Media Composer
Final Cut Pro

  • Game Engines --

Unreal Engine 4.6 – 4.20
Unity 5 / Unity 2018.3
CryEngine (basic skills)

Producing stunning visuals needs passion and a strong will to create something unique. I have a high interest in keeping myself up to date, testing new toolsets and like to develop workflows for art related tasks to improve the quality of life at work while keeping the creativity high during short deadline and crunch-times. Excelsior!


Senior 3D/VFX Artist
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