Hyojin Jeon
Searching for design internship from 1st of September,2018

Hyojin Jeon
  • Akademischer Grad Undergraduate

Über Hyojin Jeon

As I’m majoring in Visual communication design, I am a person who always seeks for new inspiration for creative solutions. From the small step of observing user’s pain points, design develops day by day and work by work. This is where I put the most value on, which is designing not only the eye-pleasing graphic but also insights based on users who actually communicate with design. I focus on communication design based on Adobe suites, prototyping tools and web, which seems like I’m somehow becoming a unicorn. Otherwise this means I am a fast-learning person who is ready to adapt on new technologies.

I am currently working as a graphic design intern in Munich, Germany. The answer for working in Germany would be this: the world is big, there are thousands of people I can communicate with design, work-life balance is right here and the last but not least, I loved and loving my life as a designer. I have full potential to combine ideas of what I have learned so far from designing in Korea. I am a communicative person and love to work in the team, but also independent enough to carry on personal projects. If you want to know more about me, please visit my website below or send me a message!

Danke schön, Thank you and 감사합니다.


Searching for design internship from 1st of September,2018
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