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Über Beauty-Lab GmbH

ikoo – Beauty-Lab GmbH
  • Gründung 2013
  • Mitarbeiter 10—19
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Über ikoo – Beauty-Lab GmbH

Based in Munich, Germany, ikoo is synonymous for haircare with attitude. We believe that hair is a reflection of our identity that is both personal and public. With that in mind, we want to redefine haircare by creating an entirely new and innovative brand experience around the topic of hair.

At ikoo, we believe innovation does not stop with just design or form; it must also be reflected within the ingredients and raw materials used to create our products and tools.


Über Beauty-Lab GmbH
Anschrift ikoo – Beauty-Lab GmbH

D-81539 München
Ansprechpartner Ioanna Tsanaka
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Web ikoohair.com
03.02.2021 (aktualisiert )

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