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Über Nils Camin Illustration

Nils is living, loving and working in Berlin Friedrichshain. He grew up with a passion for drawing, graffiti and skateboarding. In the 90’s he studied Graphic Design at the HBK Braunschweig, met his heart at the infamous brain club and followed her soon to Berlin. Diploma in hands he started his career in Illustration, Design & Animation in the big city. After being a Senior Game Artist at Wooga for more than seven years he started his own business in Illustration and Animation working for clients like RedSeven Entertainment, creating animated shorts for PRO7 on German Television.


Illustrator in Berlin
Anschrift Nils Camin Illustration
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D-10247 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Nils Camin Illustration
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08.01.2019 (aktualisiert )

Stelleneinträge von Nils Camin Illustration

Illustration Motion Design Animation Stellengesuche: Freelancer Berlin

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Thomas Gronle – legron Thomas Gronle – legron
Illustrator + Comiczeichner
Berlin 17.06.2019
Logoform GmbH Logoform GmbH
Kommunikations- und Werbeagentur
Leipzig 12.01.2022
Overlord Ventures GmbH Overlord Ventures GmbH
Beratung, Beteiligung, Vermittlung
Heidelberg 18.06.2019

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