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We make it easy for people to discover something they want to watch whenever and whereever they want to. We think discovery is something neither traditional TV nor Youtube do great and we solely exist to do it better.

To achieve that we are building the next generation smart video recommendation engine which will be the new digital TV experience to consumers around the globe.

We are building an incredible company with extraordinary personalities, with the goal to become the most loved video discovery destination by users across every screen. We will give you 10 good reasons you should come and work for us:

  • If you love speed – you are in the right place. We are one of the fastest growing video companies in the world
  • Our goals are bold – we love going for the big enchilada
  • Our people make a difference – we are changing the way how millions of people will watch the TV
  • We are a real global family. We are an inspired and diverse bunch of hyper talented people. You can work with us in Europe, Asia the US and soon somewhere in Latam
  • We measure ourselves on the impact we have, not the hours we put in
  • We challenge and ask a lot from you – however, we give back even more
  • We encourage and promote continous education in whatever form
  • We respect you and your family. We value you time away from work
  • We offer an attractive compensation package incl. options and heathcare benefits. We promote retirement saving plans
  • No red tape. We don’t have time!


Publishing, personalisiertes Seherlebnis
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