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Materializing ideas and transmitting messages through creativity and design gives me enormous pleasure. Combining my passion for creating with the limitless bounds of virtual design results in an excellent form of personal meditation.

My influences come from all around – though I love classical art, and go through various favourites. I take ideas from random items and situations from my daily life. People’s views of the world and their beliefs across cultures are a strong influence on the many things I create, and my particular mark is an underlying concept with my own style that shows through no matter what media I use to create it.

I visualize a goal in my mind, get the juices flowing, and then jump on and ride the journey, discovering along the way. That journey has become more and more hi-tech for me personally, and I see the creative industry being increasingly tech-fascinating as newer and more mind-boggling technology becomes available, and I’ll be getting right in the mix.


Web and Advertising Designer
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