Iris Caro Chavalera
Illustrator, animator and motion graphics designer



Über Iris Caro Chavalera


I’m Iris Caro, a Spanish illustrator, motion designer, 2D animator, and 2D Rigger based in Bonn, Germany.

After graduating from Fine Arts in Barcelona, I studied Illustration, and then I moved to Cologne to work as an animator and illustrator at an Animation Studio.

For 3 years, I was in charge of the design, animations, and illustrations of the educational courses done by the Volkshochschule, the main institution for adult education in Germany.

You can see my work as well in projects known at a national level in Germany like Die Sendung mit der Maus, Rico und Oskar, Sesame Street, and Fritzi: A revolutionary tale, among others.

Nowadays I am working as an illustrator focused on children’s books, motion designs, and rigging animation.

My style is fresh, dynamic, and colorful. I like to draw credible characters that come out of established beauty canons. The beauty of them resides in their strong, honest, cheeky, and tender personalities.


Illustrator, animator and motion graphics designer
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