Samir Borno
composer | sound designer | producer at ivorysound


Über Samir Borno

With computer games growing ever-more sophisticated, they deserve soundtracks to
match. As part of your creative team, I ensure your next game sounds as exciting, dynamic, and emotionally charged as it is visually stunning. I am passionate about dramatic storytelling, know how to capture an audience and drag it into the story. As games increasingly allow players to actively shape content and story lines, I will work closely with your developers, at the cutting-edge of soundtrack implementation, to help convey a truly interactive experience.

I am a team player, like to oversee projects and being an inspirational leader. As part of the department I like to give things I am involved in the right spirit and to motivate people to focus on their abilities. Trained and experienced as an audio engineer and composer from electronic to classical music I am familiar with all major DAW workflows from Pro Tools to Logic and the technology that is part of the process.
If you want me to be a part of your team, I am looking forward to your email or phone call!


composer | sound designer | producer at ivorysound
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