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Jack Balke

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B’Aina is a family company that believes in keeping families healthy and happy so they can ​drive each other crazy a little bit longer. Because it’s the good kind of crazy… Also, our logo is a turtle, ’cause why the plankton not?

Inspired by the Hawaiian culture and connection to nature B‘Aina strives to bring all-natural and truly organic products to your home to keep you healthy, happy and promote a sustainable lifestyle in balance with nature.
We believe in meticulously selected ingredients, a high-quality creation process and beautifully packaged products. Sprinkled with a little bit of humor and a lot of love… (Oh, how cheesy).

B’Aina was started in 2016 after the mom, aka the boss, of the family, a certified herbalist, turned the family kitchen into an organic skincare laboratory using the medicinal herbs from her garden. Eventually, the mom’s youngest, aka the know-it-all, discovered her mom’s skincare products, fell in love with them, threw out all the expensive skincare humbug she used to buy and decided that more people needed to know about this amazing stuff.


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