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Certified User Experience Designer and Multidisciplinary Team Worker Available for New Opportunities

Jan Hufnagel

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I have 3 years of working experience as an interface designer and recently graduated in UX design. I worked as a freelancer on various design jobs. Seeking new opportunities.

Until recently, I studied User Experience Design at CareerFoundry in Berlin. I decided to take the course because I wanted to extend my skills and learn new tools and techniques that I felt were missing. Before, I worked as an interface designer for 21 Genussgesellschaft mbH and cookionista GmbH. My responsibilities as a designer included responsive web design, corporate design maintenance and further development, and design and implementation of iOS and Android apps via Adobe DPS and AEM Mobile. I was also assigned to design various print materials.

As an academic industrial designer with a focus on interface design, I dealt with similar core issues I am faced with as a UX designer today: I am searching for problems and consider design to be a methodology for solving these problems. The product—whether it is physical or digital—will be used by humans. Therefore I need to know the users in order to make sound design decisions. At the end of the day, a successful product must meet both the customer’s and the business’ expectations and demands.

I am a multidisciplinary team worker by conviction. I consider myself to be a smart and empathetic co-worker with a broad understanding of many workflows. In terms of user-centered design, I am curiously keeping an eye on human needs, demands, and motivations. I am a passionate and thinking designer, always keen to learn new techniques, consolidate skills and make new discoveries. I am a diligent and accurate craftsman, making well-founded design decisions, striving for excellence and pixel perfection with attention to detail.

In 2010 I graduated from the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design with the academic degree of a Diplom-Designer (Dipl.-Des. FH).

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Certified User Experience Designer and Multidisciplinary Team Worker Available for New Opportunities
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