Jenny Cremer Postproduction | Creative Retouching
Postproduction | Creative Retouching

Jenny Cremer Postproduction | Creative Retouching

Über Jenny Cremer Postproduction | Creative Retouching

As Co-founder of “Digitales Leben” Jenny Cremer can look back into 10 intense and successful years where she worked for countless well known clients and retouched good images into breathtaking sceneries. Her work can be seen in national as well as international campaigns where she retouched, created composings and developed looks.

In 2014 she decided to expand her creative surrounding and besides classic advertising she started to get into art and free projects. In her upcoming big advertising jobs, she would like to make use of these new gained influences.

As part of the co working space “Die Komplizen” she chose a workspace where CGI and 3D projects can easily be realized through her network. However, she still offers her services on location for clients worldwide.


Postproduction | Creative Retouching
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