Jens Herrndorff
Portrait & Fashionphotographie


Über Jens Herrndorff

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Jens Herrndorff lives and works near Hamburg these days. He doesn’t know anything about photography at all and spends the most time moaning that his work looks like crap.

Even though his work has been published and featured in several magazines such as C-Heads, U-Mag, NOW!, Antler, Fuxyz, Openlab and many more.

If you like his work drop him an email and invite him to your place so that he can take some weird pictures of you.


Portrait & Fashionphotographie
Anschrift Jens Herrndorff

D-20357 Hamburg
Ansprechpartner Jens Herrndorff
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
14.04.2010 (aktualisiert )

Netzwerk von Jens Herrndorff

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