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Music Marketing and Events Professional


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I am a passionate marketing and events professional from Hawaii who is currently living and studying in Germany while pursuing a transition to a full-time job in Germany in early 2019.

I came to Germany from California, where I pursued an education and a career within the music industry. This pursuit brought me through the doors of both California State University, Chico and, on an exchange, through Linnaeus University in Sweden. Since graduating I’ve dived deep into the world of event marketing and promotion with SF-based YBR Promotions where I worked with a variety of brands, venues, festivals, and companies including Live Nation, Goldenvoice (AEG), and Another Planet Entertainment. My time at these institutions and the experience that I have gained along the way have been vital to shaping my business experience and my passion for the work that I do.

I have the skills and the knowledge to execute creative multi-media marketing campaigns, both on the ground and on the web, that resonate and create action within an audience. I have experience with a wide variety of writing responsibilities. In this regard, I have managed copy for web design and social media, as well as written full-length industry reports, press releases, and newsletter articles. My background has also given me significant experience in creating events that range from meticulously planned festivals to small house concerts.

I am passionate about any work that gives value to innovation and creativity. This is because I believe so strongly that these are both key ingredients to a relevant and impactful business in this modern world. My past experience and education have taught me a valuable lesson: there are many products and ideas that struggle with being recognized for their significance. I help businesses to understand their audience and help their audience to recognize the value of what they offer.


Music Marketing and Events Professional
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