Joao Gonçalves
Product and interior designer

Joao Gonçalves

Über Joao Gonçalves

I’m a product and interior designer, based in Berlin. With studies in Portugal and France, I graduated in Industrial Design and since then I have gathered over 5 years of experience in product and interior design.

As an independent industrial designer, I developed award-winning projects such as the Maraca Money Bank and the Serena Chair. From Hotels in sunny Portugal, to alternative fashion stores in Berlin and Puma retail concepts worldwide, I have worked together with agencies in successful interior design projects at a very high level.

Through strategic thinking, creativity, fast visualization and prototyping methods and technical knowledge I develop innovative, sustainable and emotive solutions.

I look forward to collaborate in projects of sucessful products [furniture, lighting, accessoires, tools, fittings] and commercial, living and working surfaces [hotel, bar & restaurant, office, trade shows, stage, retail shops].
Feel free to ask me for a presentation of my work per email.


Product and interior designer
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