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Hamburg based filmmaker, photographer

Josef Geiger


Über Josef Geiger

Ich bin Josef Geiger und ich komme aus den USA. Ich war 10 Jahre lang in der Filmindustrie in Hollywood tätig und konnte dort in den Bereichen Fotografie, Videografie und als Kameramann meine Erfahrungen am Filmset sammeln.
Die Liebe führte mich nach Hamburg, wo ich seit 2014 hauptberuflich als Videograf, Kameramann, Cutter und Fotograf meiner Leidenschaft nachgehe.

  • I am an American director, cinematographer and editor. I am best known for the“Pumped Up Kicks” music video for Foster the People for which I was nominated by MTV for Best Rock Music Video in 2011.

Born on a commune in southern Sweden, I moved to the United States at four years old and was raised in the quasi-suburban wilds of southern Maine. While in the USAF and at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst I learned the ins and outs of filmmaking and postproduction.

Following college I decided to move to Los Angeles in 2004. While in LA, I worked on various projects from music videos, behind the scenes videos, web series, short films and spec commercials.

In 2014 I moved to Hamburg, Germany. Once there I quickly found myself utilizing my filmmaking and photography skills for clients such as Sparkasse Lüneburg, Lagardére Sports, STILL, Willy Tiedtke and several Bundesliga teams.


Hamburg based filmmaker, photographer
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