Anna Katharina Zeitler
Künstlerische Fotografin


Über Anna Katharina Zeitler

I am a photographic artist and art educator based in Berlin.

My work has been awarded several times and I have taken part in exhibitions at relevant institutions for contemporary photography in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.
My first Monograph „If you can dream it, you can do it“ was published by Kehrer Verlag.

I am an artist from the bottom of my heart and long to give true inspiration to society.
In my workshops I give children and young people a playful introduction to art. I develop exciting workshops on a wide variety of topics and thus let them participate in the creative everyday life of artists.
I intend to increase the conscious perception of art and promote cognitive abilities as well as children’s personality and self-confidence.


Künstlerische Fotografin
Anschrift Anna Katharina Zeitler
D-10367 Berlin
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30.08.2022 (aktualisiert )

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Atelier / Studio / Arbeitsplatz / Schreibtisch / Ateliers: Biete Platz Berlin

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