Kat Leimner
UX/UI Designer

Kat Leimner
  • Akademischer Grad Diplom

Über Kat Leimner

I’m Kat.
I follow a strong people passion…

…with this in mind I create beautifully designed products that actually solve real problems for real people.
I have always been a very curious person. Driven by my curiosity I have paved my way exploring the world, getting to know other cultures, people and livelihoods. Through my political sciences and sociology studies I learnt to understand the human being. This understanding, mixed with passion, empathy and my core value to be in service for others has led me to UX Design – creating products to solve real problems for real people through beautiful design solutions.


UX/UI Designer
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D-10245 Berlin
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Web www.kathileimner.com

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