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Texterin, Redakteurin, Autorin – Copywriter, Editor, Writer


Über Lauren Greenwood

I specialize in “Write it just like that… only different!”.

I am a University-educated screenwriter turned copywriter, currently working at a mid-sized medical technology company in Munich in the corporate marketing department. I am responsible for creating, maintaining and broadening the voice of our brand across various platforms-- video, social media, press releases, web content and advertisements. I also collaborate closely with the designers to ensure their visuals and my words tell the whole story.

Recently, I was promoted to Marketing Communications Manager, which allows me to a capitalize not only on my creative side, but also on my strategic and organization skills, in order to implement effective marketing campaigns.

My perfect day on the job? Writing compelling copy, exchanging ideas with like-minds about the nature of storytelling and how this plays into our next campaign, strategizing marketing initiatives, expanding my knowledge, learning from others, experiencing the world and infusing those experiences into my copy. My ideal day ends with the pleasant buzz of a mind well used, and the anticipation of what the next day will bring.

More details? Ich spreche und schreibe fliessend Deutsch und bin brittische und kanadische Staatsbürgerin.

For anything not covered here, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you,

Lauren Greenwood


Texterin, Redakteurin, Autorin – Copywriter, Editor, Writer
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