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SEO Specialist Freelancer Wordpress Developer

Amjad Khan Md

Über Amjad Khan Md

Pleasure, I Me, and Myself specialized SEO Freelancer, Web Designer Freelancer in Creating websites, Blogs, Logos, Digital Media and printed media.

My work experience includes stints in publishing houses, advertising agencies, web agencies, startups and technology companies. This path has allowed me to improve my knowledge.

My Name is Khan, web designer and developer; I work for customers for India and Abroad. I offer creative concepts, lovingly detailed web design and development / programming of individual and user-centric websites based on Word Press.

What I do

Web Design

Sites optimized to have a good position in Google and reach the audience of your company.

Online store

SEO Expert for E-commerce development, keeping his shop open 24 hours for your account.

Development Blog

Modern, attractive Blog creation, and that has its own identity.

Optimization of your website (SEO)

Optimize your site, blog … For a good position in Google Adwords without cost.

Creating Layout / Logo

Creating your brand and custom layout, with quality and modern design.

E-mail marketing

Email Marketing Responsive, opening guarantee on any device, to achieve your goals.

Digital marketing

Simply put, digital marketing is all about potential customers to your site and convert those visitors into sales. We have several methods of achieving this goal, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ad words (PPC) and Email Marketing


Word press courses, riding my first website, Google ad words, face book ads and digital marketing strategy. Individual courses meeting the needs of the student.

I seek always learn new things, be updated and an eye on new market trends for each project a satisfactory outcome for clients with whom I work.

If you are interested in my work or have any questions, please contact, it will be a pleasure working with you! i


SEO Specialist Freelancer Wordpress Developer
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