Lizz Lunney
Illustrator and comedy writer

Lizz Lunney

Über Lizz Lunney

Lizz Lunney is an illustrator, character designer and joke writer from the UK. She is currently living in Berlin doing exhibitions and working within the animation industry.

She has been writing and drawing comics for over ten years. Her digital comics are published by Top Shelf Productions, print comics available in German from Zwerchfell Verlag and in English from Blank Slate Books. You can find her range of greetings cards in various stockists in the UK including Paperchase and WHSmiths.

Clients include: The Brothers McLeod (Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC Comedy, BBC Learning, CBBC), UK Greetings, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Pictoplasma, We Transfer, Computer Arts, BBC Three, Hic & Hoc, House of Illustration, Highlight Magazine, Eye Candy Festival, The Fix, Think Tank Planetarium, Egg & Bear Comedy and many more.


Illustrator and comedy writer
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