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Über Loïc Untereiner

I’m a Graphic Designer based in Hamburg, Germany. My practice focuses on creative direction, graphic identity and editorial design for art, industry and cultural projects.

My projects include various forms such as branding, web-design, posters, book design and visual installation, where type has a strong formal impact, sometimes abstract.

I won the Grafika Price 2018 in the Special Project category for my project : x 2 + y 2 = r 2 and my work has been featured in Pica Magazine, Échelle mag, Made In, International Peace Day Montreal.

I worked with these clients:

blvu (Art gallery), Bonella Holloway (Artist), Ruse (Fashion Boutique), Social tease (Fashion Brand), litige (Fashion Brand), Goethe-Institut (German Cultural Association), Louie George Michael (Designer), MassivArt (Art Consultancy Agency), M For Montreal (Music Festival), Lune Rouge (Entertainment Company), Reflector (Entertainment Company), Olivier Beaudoin (Web-Developer), Secret City Records (Record Label), Cirque du Soleil (Entertainment Company), Mana (Restaurant), articule (Art gallery), Quartier de l’Innovation (Tech Hub), Mireille Dansereau (Movie Director), Jerusalem Im My Heart (Musician), …

I worked with these studios/agencies in Montreal, Amsterdam and Berlin

Bye Bye Bambi, Harrison Fun, Tux, Sid Lee, Urbania, Vallée Duhamel, Baillat Cardell & Fils, Designpolitie, Mindpirates.


Art director / Graphic Designer
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