Vlad Lomnasan
3D Artist, Designer, Technical Artist

Vlad Lomnasan


Über Vlad Lomnasan

Very good team communication skills gained through my experience as Level Designer while working in the game industry with multiple departments, ensuring an efficient development workflow while maintaining good trust relationships in a friendly and enjoyable work environment.

Vast experience in creating 3D models with a high level of detail using Autodesk 3D studio Max tools while working in the gaming industry and for business to business VR: experience with high poly modeling and texturing, rigging and basic animation of objects and characters.

Extensive experience in developing applications using Unreal Engine 4 tools, namely Blueprints (Visual Programming language), Material editor (shader creation) and Cascade editor (special effects). The practical skill-set has been accumulated during my position as Technical Artist and through various University projects.


3D Artist, Designer, Technical Artist
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