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LOOPING ONE is a member of the LOOPING GROUP.
We are a marketing and communications consultancy and a organic-first agency. We offer organizational setup, communication strategy, and always-on storytelling across all formats and channels. At the heart of our approach is what we call Simplexity: We are concise yet comprehensive, straightforward but in-depth, and bold but truthful – one voice, a million stories. We help our clients gain impact by adding to the conversation, not to the noise. We exist to make brand communication as meaningful as the biggest stories of our time.

LOOPING ONE serves clients from the mobility, luxury and fashion, sustainability, financial services, culture and entertainment, tech and health sectors. Our clients include BMW, Mercedes AMG, Netflix, Mozilla Firefox, Asus, TASCHEN, Merck, dataport, Nio, Occhio, and more.

Our offices are located in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Our diverse team comprises creatives, storytellers, innovators, and passionate go-getters.
We combine strategic consulting and creative storytelling for the entire content value chain. Our services range from account management, newsroom consulting, strategy, data analytics and AI enablement to creation (concept, copy, design, film, audio) and content (social, editorial, PR).


Medienhaus (Publishing House)
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